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Thread Plug Gage Power Rotated Inspection Tool Features

rotary thread inspection tool

Fast - Accurate - Efficient - Ergonomic

Depth Control

Includes a patented feature that allows a setting of a specified length or depth for the gage to travel before automatically reversing and exiting the part.

Instant Feedback

Illumination of a green light when the correct depth is reached before automatically reversing the gage to exit the part.

Rejected Parts

Out of tolerance parts are instantly recognized. If the thread is undersized, damaged, not deep enough, or has foreign matter in the thread, the gage will stop advancing into the threaded hole. This prevents damage and excessive wear of the Thread Gage. To remove the Gage from the threaded hole, press the reverse button.

Eliminates Repetitive Stress

The motor rotates the gage, eliminating all wrist motion require to perform the inspection operation, thus preventing injuries to the wrist and arm with it's automation and ergonomic design. See what Design World Magazine says about the Thread Plug Gage Power Rotated Inspection Tool.


Accepts standard and special Taper Lock Thread Plug Gages. Changing gages is simple and easy to perform. All types of gages can be supplied along with a certificate of calibration.

Power Source

Supplied by a special 9v Lithium rechargeable battery with a rating of 550 mAh. The battery will operate the tool for up to 4 hours. Battery recharge time is 2-3 hours using the supplied charger that charges 2 batteries at a time. Unit will only operate efficiently using the supplied Multimatic batteries and charger.

Made in the U.S. Call today for a live conversation, 9-5 EDT: 1-800-767-7633

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Rotary Thread Gage Inspection Tool