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rotary thread gage starter kitThread Plug Gages (Gauges)* are Power Driven using
NEW Thread Plug Gage Power Rotated Inspection Tool

Thread Check Power Driven Thread Gage
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Power Driven Thread Inspection With Depth Control In 4 Seconds

Power Driven Thread Inspection With Thread In Bore Cavity

Power Driven Thread Inspection - Metric Thread With Fine Pitch


The Thread Plug Gage Power Rotated Inspection Tool

is a portable, 12 oz device that is ergonomically designed for repetitive industrial use. It comes with a high-performance, rechargeable lithium batter, which allows it to be used for long periods of time.It is an automatic device which uses integrated motor design to alleviate manual hand turning.

Once the device is engaged by the operator, a specialized motor device rotates the thread gage. When the thread gage moves to a predetermined set depth or length to be checked, the patented device will flash a green LED light and automatically reverse itself to exit the threaded hole. At the end of a complete cycle, the threaded part has passed inspection.

Performing thread inspection on large numbers of parts does NOT have to be difficult and exhausting for the operator. The Thread Plug Gage Power Rotated Inspection Tool makes it easy and fast. This gage works well with copper, brass AND aluminum parts. Find out how.

Made in the U.S. Call today for a live conversation, 9-5 EDT: 1-800-767-7633

* Gage versus Gauge: What’s in a name...or in this case, the spelling? Not much. Both Gage and Gauge are proper and now interchangeable; gauge dates back to Anglo-French usage in the 15th century.

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Rotary Thread Gage Inspection Tool